Links for Richard Dawkins

* Visit The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason

Recent videos:

Other videos:

* Listen Interviews with Richard Dawkins & Sam Harris
* Read The Angry Evolutionist
(More Americans believe in angels than in evolution.)
* Read The Problem with God: Interview with Richard Dawkins
* Read Richard Dawkins debates Francis Collins, author of The Language of God
* Read The Root of All Evil?
where Richard Dawkins challenges 'a process of non-thinking called faith'
* Read Richard Dawkins: God is a delusion, religion is a virus, and America has slipped back into the Dark Ages
* Read Richard Dawkins: Why There Almost Certainly Is No God
* Listen Richard Dawkins on NPR

* Read The Dawkins Delusion by Alister McGrath. An Oxford theologian contends that the aggressive rhetoric of Richard Dawkins' books masks a deep insecurity about the public credibility of atheism.

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