The Failure of Prayer, and the Perfect Scam

by Bob Patterson

Once more, the failure of prayer is borne out in that tragic mine disaster. When it was thought there were going to be survivors, church bells rang, God was praised, songs were sung and cheering ensued. Many statements to the effect of, "God is always there," to "Never underestimate the power of prayer," and "Thank you Jesus!". When the news of the loss of the 12 miners finally reached the family members, their reaction was anger to the mining company and the news media, not that God had failed them. God was even thanked for saving the sole survivor. 1 out of 13 is a 92% failure rate not too impressive. So now we have a neurotic god that only accepts the credit for any perceived success but refuses to accept any of the blame for any disasters. Even the federal government doesn't pull off that scam that well. Here's what we seem to have:

  1. A god that gives his supporters a warm fuzzy feeling (with or without schizophrenia).
  2. A god that takes all the credit for whatever is thought to be "good". (This applies to both sides of all sports and wars, as well.)
  3. A god that doesn't accept any responsibility for any failures or disasters. (That function is assigned to the devil.)
  4. A god that expects his followers to shell out 10% of their income. It's called tithing. (Give your money to God, but here's our local address and zip code.)
  5. A god that's exempted from paying any taxes. (God needs the money worse than you do, and better knows how to spend it for you. This sounds like government, doesn't it?)
  6. A god who REALLY loves you, but any failure to conform will result in eternal damnation, fire and brimstone. (He really does love you, though. OUCH! That's HOT!)

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