HOGPI and Me - by Casey Young

8 Aug 2002

Since I'll be living in Vallejo before the end of this month, I don't think
I'll be able to continue my counter-protesting at the Sunnyvale Clinic.

Please... all of you know what's at stake here. It's women's
reproductive rights, gay/lesbian/trans-gender rights (and respect from
all segments of society), religious/atheist's rights... basically we're
dealing with a bunch of people who want to dictate to others what is
right and wrong, without compassion, understanding, or tolerance.

Sure, showing up with a bunch of signs once a month is not a quantum leap
in change, but I've been fighting for my rights for decades and know some
progress has been made, but not nearly enough. I also know that along
with the big successes, it's the day-to-day living of a belief system
that slowly pushes along change. It's also showing up once a month to
let the self-proclaimed surrogates of God see the people they are so
hell-bent on hating and suppressing--look us in the eye. It may not
dramatically affect their thinking, but minimally, they know we're not
going down to their narrow interpretation of humanity quietly and easily.
I believe it keeps a niggling little voice working away in their brains
that their opposition are "good people", not the devils they want us to
be so we can be reduced to a stereotype and easily hated.

Besides, some of their logic (and resultant actions) is so screwed up, it
is fun to poke those little pins in their self-righteous inflated proselytizing.

I am begging (and yes, I know it's not a pretty sight) for someone to
help make sure the HOGPIs don't show up unopposed at the SV clinic on the
last Saturday of each month. It's not healthy for them to think they've
worn down the opposition. It will feed into their self-righteousness,
thus encouraging them in their outrageously intolerant thinking.

If I can, I will occasionally drive down to join you. (Car's 10 years
old and in the last few month's I've had to put in almost $2K in repairs,
most recently because the spark plug wires were arcing.)

Please continue Jim's many years of work... protect our rights. I'll do
whatever I can to help.

New address: 8408 Benavente Court, Vallejo, CA 94591
New phone (old phone # still in effect for a week or so): 707/557-7066
(not set up w/ answering machine YET)

I plan to contact PP or any reproductive rights group in the Vallejo area
to continue my paltry contribution to the efforts against those who would
subjugate us to their repressive thinking.

Yours in the name of freedom,
Casey Young

PS: May your higher power guide and guard each of you.