Gary Berger's letter to the editor of The Times

Friday, May 21, 2004

Nancy Murphy in her letter in the May 18 edition of The Times voiced concern about legalizing same-gender marriage, and she is not alone in her opinion. But I have yet to see anyone explain exactly what bad things would happen if the government acknowledged these pre-existing unions between two loving, committed people.

What exactly is she and others afraid of? How specifically will she be harmed? How will society, the planet or future generations be affected? To those who hide behind quoted passages from ancient religious documents, those aren't reasons, they just perpetuate centuries of bigotry and intolerance against fellow humans who are doing no harm to others. It used to be against women and blacks, now it’s gays.

What exactly is “the institution of family?” Same-gender relationships have existing throughout human history, yet the population grows and thrives anyway. You speak of morals ... since when is it moral to discriminate? Aren't you ashamed to show your children that you believe people who are different from you deserve less government acknowledgement? How embarrassing!

Gary Berger,
Morgan Hill

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