Representative Gephardt,


I think your expression of "god bless America" at end of your New York speech on Friday (September 6th) was completely inappropriate, especially for the brave Second World War veterans in the air battles and in foxholes during that war.  Non-believer veterans, of all stripes, have signed on a list and declared that they are "War Veterans in Foxholes," contrary to the popular belief that there are only believers in "Foxholes."  I am sure they will accept your apology.  You owe it to them and other nonbelievers in this country.


Considering the recent events, my rage is continually fueled at hearing, "god bless America" by politicians and others who make statements like you made Friday.  I am similarly upset by the pronouncement of "god is great" by the Muslims.  (The Muslims are making a proclamation and not asking god for anything; maybe, just maybe, you should do the same!)


I heard "god bless American" all throughout the Presidential elections. We Americans sure got blessed on 9/11 and we still are asking for more blessings (more deaths I presume).   Look at it in terms of my lifetime.  Since 1941 when I was 10 years old, I have not seen anyone or any country blessed, but I have seen many people and countries that have suffered and are suffering.


One more point.  I contend that the words "indivisible" and "under god " are not compatible in the pledge of allegiance regardless of when and why it was adopted.  To me "indivisible" means that we are not divided as a nation or as a people.  Therefore, "under god" is dividing our nation as observed by the outrage of non-believers, and strongly voiced by Atheists in particular.  I would be interested if your logical mind agrees.  You should put this point of view out the next time you speak and think about using "God Bless America".  (The religious extremists will never want to come together, except and unless their god is exclusively accepted as the only god.)  Since you have a large audience, I am sure you can have a great impact on bringing us closer together and understanding that "under god" is divisive, as is "god bless America."  We need to unite as a nation which was the message that I hoped you will give from now on.


You should remember to keep the church and state wall of separations intact as the constitution demands of our elected officials.


I am now VOTING for DEMOCRATS until we get ride of the faith-biased crowd.  So cut out the pandering to the religious extremists.


Godfrey Baumgartner

A Life Long Conservative and Registered Republican

2467 Betlo Ave.

Mountain View, CA